Simple Pet Photography Tips and 10 Fun Images to Inspire You

Some of our favorite scene stealers in movies and photography are of pets and children. Beautiful pet photographs can be captured using techniques found in both people and wildlife photography. It’s also quite common for new and experienced camera owners to ‘practice’ using their best canine and feline family members. A fun attitude and a bit of patience are two fundamental requirements to capture the expressions of our fur-children that bring smiles and memorable moments.

Bird Photography at Magee Marsh, The Warbler Capital of the World

Thousands of birders and bird photographers flock to Magee Marsh during May. It’s the Warbler Capital of the World. Warblers, are sometimes referred to as the ‘beautiful little butterflies’ of birds. They delight with their vivid colors and lively attitudes. Magee Marsh provides some of the most up-close views in North America of multiple species of warblers and migratory birds within a short time.

Bird Photography: Capture Amazing Photos Using These Tips and Techniques

It’s hard not to appreciate birds and bird photography. They delight birders, viewers and photographers every day. Learning how to photograph images of birds that convey their personality, behaviors and traits can be readily accomplished with tenacious patience in the field and honing your skills. This post provides some really useful tips and techniques to capture amazing bird photos.