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The Amazing World of Cat’s Eye Macro Photography

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When you combine the natural beauty of a cat's eye with good macro photography, the resulting photos can be quite remarkable. And believe it or not, there is a quite large community of photographers who are into this facinating niche. Here are some of the more interesting images from Flickr that we found in this unexpected subject area.

Cats Eye

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Photo by Stendec

macro cats eye

Photo by Melody

domestic panther

Photo by Novon


Photo by IMT Images

Eye Of The Mini Tiger

Photo by Maschinenraum

My cat 1

Photo by Tanakawho

cat nose lomo'd

Photo by Simon Hammond

Stray cat, hot day.

Photo by Amarand Agasi

Minni - Razor Sharp Cat Eye

Photo by Maschinenraum

Cat Eye

Photo by Vissago

Cat eye

Photo by Atilla 1000

Don't look now\

Photo by Aftab

Eye of cat

Photo by Tywak

Macro Pablo

Photo by Pasipasi

green cat eye

Photo by TheyCallMe NatKat

White car in cat's eye

Photo by Raoultrifan

Eye of Cat 4136

Photo by Mlieu92

Minni - Cat Eye Super-Close-Up

Photo by Maschinenraum

On the lookout

Photo by Amy Miller Photos

Macro Pickle

Photo by Nathan Phillips

Cat eye

Photo by Flex

Loulas Eye

Photo by Louise Paisley

Cat's Eye

Photo by Thomas Hahusseau

Photo by Mallingering


Photo by Marcel Steger


Photo by Azander

Cat Eye

Photo by Davipt

Looking Up

Photo by Ex Libris


Photo by Opacity

| Pitagora's eye #4 |

Photo by Zaser


Photo by Per Foreby

Olhar predador em ação!

Photo by Marcos Teixera de Freitas

Emerald Eye

Photo by Noggin Nogged

yellowish cat eye

Photo by Theycallme NatKat


Photo by TuxThePenguin84

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