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How to Clean Your Camera Lens Properly (VIDEO) (Updated)

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Cleaning a camera lens is definitely something that every photographer is going to need to do at some point. Doing it properly is imperative if you're to take perfectly clear images. This great little video from the folks at the unofficial Nikon Help Hotline on Youtube have put together this great video on how to clean your camera lens properly.
As you can see, it is a little more involved than you might think if you are to do the job properly and it may even take more than one attempt. With a little patience though, you might get away without having to get it professionally done.

Thanks for Petapixel and Lifehacker for bringing this one to our attention.
UPDATE: As you can see from a few of the comments, the above video is causing a bit of a stir, here and elsewhere.
Well, Jared Abrams from over at Wide Open Camera (great site you should check out) has made his own video explaining how they clean lenses in Hollywood. He should know – he's been a film and still photographer all of his career.
Check it out at his site or below.

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