18 Long Exposure Photographs That Used Shutter Speed Creatively


Long exposure photography requires comparatively slower shutter speeds to capture movements in the frame. When capturing long exposure photographs, it is better to have a point of interest in the frame that should be kept in sharp focus while the movement of other elements or objects is captured. In the case of abstract photography, you can capture movement in the entire frame as long as there is some detail and interest to keep the viewers engaged.

If you are tired of your images looking boring or less engaging, you can learn this simple technique called long exposure that will help to add a dynamic mood and depth to your images. Long exposure photographs are astounding because you only see the end result after the long exposure is complete in camera. If you wish to have an artistic approach towards the things around you and photograph them creatively, then this guide by Photzy, “The Complete Guide To Long Exposure Photography” can help you to capture magical long exposure shots.

Here are 18 long exposure photographs that have used shutter speed creatively:

ferris wheel long exposure
Photo by Paulo Carrolo
creative shutter speed event photography
Photo by Ahmad Odeh
dramatic landscape long exposure
Photo by José Carrillo
minimal smoky long exposure
Photo by Marek Piwnicki 
abstract long exposure
Photo by Dave Hoefler
long exposure subway
Photo by Zac Ong

Besides the technical knowledge, long exposure photography requires a creative vision and the approach to capture what you have visualized. This guide The Complete Guide To Long Exposure Photography, will teach you how to analyze a scene and help ensure that you set up the camera correctly and have the best composition possible.

light painting creative photography
Photo by Thomas Peham
mountain top clouds long exposure
Photo by Samuel Ferrara
city center with river at night
Photo by Mick Haupt
sunset at the beach
Photo by Majestic Lukas
busy urban street at night
Photo by shawnanggg 
quiet evening bridge reflections in the river
Photo by Joakim Honkasalo
urban long exposure
Photo by Sawyer Bengtson

When capturing long exposure photographs, there are a few factors that affect the resulting image and can make it look quite drab. The Complete Guide To Long Exposure Photography by Photzy comes with secret tricks to getting tack-sharp photographs, helps to self-evaluate your shots, provides clear and straightforward advice to set up the gear, how to prevent light leaks, choice of shutter speeds, compositions, and much more.

street panning shot
Photo by Kieran Sheehan
waterfall long exposure
Photo by Jason Sung
long exposure car trails and night sky
Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini
long exposure sunrise
Photo by Zach Reiner 
long exposure dusk
Photo by Aziz Acharki 

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