Drone Photographer’s Close Encounter with Celebrity Costs $1000


For a while there, it seemed like drone photographers made our headlines at least once a week. Now, that doesn’t happen so much, and that’s a huge improvement. 

turned on black quadcopter drone
Turned on black quadcopter drone. Photo by Dose Media

Things calmed down a lot during COVID-19 and in the wake of a slew of restrictions and regulations that were imposed on drone pilots after a string of disruptive incidents from almost every corner of the globe.

So it’s kind of a throwback to talk about wreckless drone piloting today yet, when it costs approximately $USD 1000, it’s probably a good bit of information to know. 

In this case, be careful flying your drone near crowds of people and, in particular, any one individual, especially if that person is world-famous DJ Fatboy Slim. 

No doubt, a fine is much better than anyone getting hurt or worse. It also demonstrates how much things have changed, at least as far as the UK is concerned. We remember when drones were shutting down the airport at Christmas back when things were still wild and new.   

How did this all happen? Giles Dalby was capturing the event using his drone and crashed the drone into the stage, FStoppers reports. 

While the operator expressed remorse for everything, the prosecutor alleged multiple warnings were ignored which points to some kind of negligence on the operator’s part the argument goes. Dalby’s guilty plea to the violation of the Air Navigation Order of 2016 netted him fines for the violation itself, a victim surcharge, and court costs from the Brighton Magistrates Court.

Are you a drone photographer? Is there anything on the horizon in 2024 from the world of drones that we should know about? Let us know in the comments. 

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