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Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are software programs that provide very robust editing capabilities for graphics, images, and photographs. But sometimes you want them to do just a little more. That's why plugins were invented! Plugins are usually made by third-party developers and deliver even more graphical and photo management capabilities. We have covered some places that offer free Photoshop plugins before, but here are 10 more places that offer free plugins for both PS and LR users.

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The Plugin Site

The Plugin Site offers a wide variety of plugins and other resources for Photoshop, Lightroom, and other photo editing and graphics programs. In addition to the plugins and editing tools that are available for sale, the Plugin Site has over 140 free plugins available. The site rates the usefulness of the plugins to help save users the trouble of having to find out the plugin's value through trial and error. The plugins include photo enhancement, web design, image effects, patterns and textures, and other categories of plugins.

Jeffrey Friedl's Blog

This blog page that calls itself a personal blog with photos offers a variety of free Lightroom plugins and tools. Listed under the title of Jeffrey’s Lightroom Goodies, the plugins categories include export, geoencoding, export-filter, utility, and others. Jeffrey Friedl's Blog provides other information for users of Lightroom to aid with adjusting settings, creating photo books, special image editing, and other techniques.

WebResources Depot

WebResources Depot provides a wealth of resources for use on the web. Among these resources are more than 150 free Photoshop plugins. The plugins offer photo and image manipulation tools that create different unique artistic effects and designs. Users will find almost every possible special effect plugin available. WebResources Depot is one of the cool Photoshop sites that offer free plugins.


Another cool site for free Photoshop plugins is TechieBlogger. This site features more than 180 Photoshop plugins that offer image manipulation, special effects, color enhancement, and other creative image editing tools.


The Adobe website itself offers a list of some cool free plugins that are available for Lightroom. Lightroom Exchange is the area on the Adobe website that includes Develop Presets, export plugins, workflow plugins, and external editing plugins. These plugins offer the user a great start to the abundance of Lightroom plugins that are available on the web.

Tutorial Blog

The Tutorial Blog presents several free Photoshop plugins that deliver many unique effects and image manipulation capabilities. The Tutorial Blog got its start as blog to provide Photoshop tutorials. The free Photoshop plugins page is just an added extra that the site provides.

Photographer’s Toolbox

The Photographer’s Toolbox is a great source of cool Lightroom plugins. Although the plugins are not actually free, the site offers the plugins as donationware. The amount of donation is left up to the user, so this is as close to being free without actually being free. This site is worth including on the free plugins list because of the many great plugins that are offered there. The plugins include tools to export images, manipulate images, and control the Lightroom workflow. There are also plugins to read, write, and handle metadata. Be sure to donate if a plugin is downloaded so that the site can continue to create and update the great Lightroom plugins.

Smashing Magazine

The Smashing Magazine website presents a great list of free Photoshop plugins and filters. The plugins offered on the website provide some of the best in color enhancement, special effects, image manipulation and other editing tools. The site provides a brief summary of the plugin and links to the download page.


PhotoshopSupport.com has a listing of some very handy Photoshop plugins that are free for downloading. The site gives a brief summary of the features of the plugins and a screenshot to aid the user in determining the usefulness of the plugin. The site has about 30 free plugins that offer image editing, special effects and color enhancement.


TechnoTarget is a website that offers a listing of some cool free Photoshop plugins. The website highlights a variety of editing, image enhancement, color manipulation and special effects plugins that are available free of charge. In addition to the plugins, the site has Photoshop tutorials that are very helpful for designers and website developers.

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