Generative AI Platforms Provide Loads of “Professional” Headshots at a Low Price


One of the emergent concerns that we’ve detailed here on this news blog is the fact that artificial intelligence or AI is probably going to displace a lot of photography jobs in the near future.

person holding space gray iPhone 5s taking picture
Person holding space gray iPhone 5s taking picture. Photo by Antoine Beauvillain

Whether it is stock photography or even human modeling, artificial intelligence is increasingly so sophisticated that we’re already seeing extremely high-quality products from generative technology at this early stage. And while this will make things ostensibly easier and cheaper for companies and people to make marketing materials and such, there’s little doubt that it will have a marked impact on the jobs of people who do this kind of thing for a living.

Today’s story illustrates this in a couple of exciting ways. First, it begins by addressing a real market need. Second, it provides a cost-effective solution that is also way more time efficient than methods used in the past.

Meet TryItOnAI and Headshot Pro, just two AI platforms offering users access to hundreds of professionally generated headshots for as little as $USD 17, PetaPixel reports.

It’s not difficult to see that, at that price, it would be hard for a photographer to compete. And given the quality of these headshots at this stage again, we can only imagine what the future holds.

PetaPixel notes that, in viral posts discussing the technology, most users are more than impressed by the output with many people commenting on how “natural and realistic” the images look.

You can check out the services at this link here, and here.

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