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This is dramatic, even for us.

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Paintings on exhibit. Photo by Raychan

After much controversy over AI-generated submissions to stock photography galleries, and Getty’s massive trillion-dollar lawsuit against these tools, we now have word that Getty Images is launching an artificial intelligence image generator.

That’s right. Getty Images is taking the old adage “if you can’t beat them, join them” to heart and dipping its toes into the AI arms race. The only real issue for many is that, following all of this posturing against said tools, what gives now aside from this being in-house?

Getty says that its new tool is “commercially safer” than others (reference said lawsuit above). The idea behind all of this is to give customers the ability to get commercial images that need, bespoke, and at scale. Like many of its kind, Getty’s tool uses a text prompt and then generates an image based on its interpretation of that prompt. Along with numerous copyright safeguards the system also will prevent content that could be used to spread misinformation. Back to the whole purity of the gallery concept that Getty Images has touted for some time, media created using this new tool won’t be added to its catalog of stock images.

But wait a minute, you might wonder, wasn’t all of this about preventing creators from being taken advantage of in the first place? Yes, and Getty Images has an answer for that, too. Images that are used to train the creator and generate bespoke media for customers will be compensated, per a response from Getty to Tech Crunch.

“On an annual recurring basis, we will share in the revenues generated from the tool with contributors whose content was used to train the AI generator…There will be a set formula based on a number of different factors, and accordingly each contributor will receive different payments in connection with the tool.”

Have you used any AI image-generating tools? Let us know your thoughts on them in the comments.

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