Google Unveils Its Own Foldable Smartphone


One of the major innovations in the smartphone form factor, foldable devices had somewhat of a rough start when Samsung first debuted the concept years ago.

depiction of the various form factors of a foldable smartphone
Depiction of the various form factors of a foldable smartphone. Photo by Mediamodifier

But that hasn’t dampened enthusiasm for the niche.

Now, another major player is about to join the foldable smartphone game.

And it’s none other than search-engine giant Google.

The aptly named Google Pixel Fold will be shown off at the company’s May 10th event, the Google I/O 2023.

The smartphone will reportedly be 5.8 inches while unfolded and 7.6 inches when a tablet and will use Google’s Tensor G2 processor, The Verge reports. It will also align with the competition in terms of price, reportedly coming in at a point similar to Samsung’s $USD 1799 for its Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Interestingly, the smartphone was reportedly supposed to debut last year but didn’t for a host of reasons. One might be that Google wanted to make sure apps worked properly on the new device as the company has also focused on helping Android developers make apps for foldable devices, The Verge notes. Of course, Google’s foldable smartphone isn’t the only product we’ve heard about being delayed. Whether because of COVID-19 shutdowns, part shortages, or other logistical issues, some pretty big products were pushed back, throwing off the whole release schedule ecosystem.

One of the more prominent stories that we can think of involves Nikon – you can read that here. With things returning to normal somewhat, hopefully, this is all behind us moving forward.

You can check out a teaser video over on YouTube at this link.

Do you own a foldable smartphone? Have you ever considered purchasing one? Let us know your thoughts on foldable smartphones in the comments below.

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I have the Surface Duo 2 and love it. I will be ordering the Pixel fold as Microsoft is not releasing a Due 3. Just wish that it had the dual screen option like the Duo does.

I have owned the fold 1 through the 4 currently and there is nothing like the ellure of this hand held every time I take it out to pay it starts a conversation. Also it’s just a good piece of hard ware and software as u can expect from samsung. Although a couple things I really wish hadn’t changed from the first one as well as some that had to change. First off they used to actually care about and give you a really nice unboxing experience with a case a full power supply set up and AWESOME box up through the fold 2 which I wish I saved! Buuut the fold 1 was garbage couldn’t last 6 months and the build was just terrible. The fold 2 was the best one they made in term of presentation and splendor. It’s was all metal with either gold black or silver and man did they look AMAZING the boxed camera just so beautiful. But the middle of the screen broke on mine 4 times before I got the 3. Now finally we are getting some where this thing is now solid mine was ran over by a car and was still able to use the inside screen! But the presentation now became terrible box same and every other phone and not a thing special looking about the appearance have 0 clue why they would make something loom so much worse than the prediction. Also now we are at the point that your starting to lose respect for a company u have been so loyal to due to the fact that they can’t even give you a phone that comes with a charging block OTB for 2000$ what a joke! Same with the 4 o I forgot to add the stupid s pen idea that has no place on the phone that u I’ve to buy a case to house it that runs u 50 to 80$ for a good one. A case! 80$ and anything u need for it that u want to last is a complete night mare in cost. Also the phone is almost exactly the same as the 3 except these idiot made it just different enough that u can’t use your fold 3 cases with it. The changes in the hardware are great but the rest of these down falls that show the customer they can care less about u may have me looking somewhere else unless the fold 5 is really something special!

I need a replacement to my LG v60. I’ll get it if it has the virtual controller that shows up on half the screen. LG and Microsoft surface duo has this feature but not the fold/flip

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