Goran Anastasovski’s Magical Images Capture The Emotional Bond Between Animals


Animals are great subjects to photograph both in the wild and in a zoo. Most photographers find photographing animals in the zoo to be a very challenging task because of the enclosures and other reasons, but if one truly has the passion and puts in some needed effort, they can capture incredible photographs of animals up close. You don’t have to go on a wildlife safari always to capture perfectly timed photographs of animals and it is evident from the photographs below.

Goran Anastasovski, or king of the camera, as called by the London Daily Mail, has spent almost 15 years capturing incredible portraits of animals. He is a photographer from Macedonia and his focus is mostly on animals and their world.

Here are some animal portraits where Goran has captured tender moments that show the bond between animals.

Most of Goran’s images are captured in Skopje Zoo near where he lives. His favorite thing is to capture the relationship, the emotional bond between animals through which he shows how animals care and express love.

Goran believes that the bond between animals is the same or even stronger than humans. He has been actively engaged in photography since 2006, focusing mainly on nature and the wild animal world. His love for animals has driven him to tell stories through his amazing photos so people can understand the importance and need to take care of wild animals.

Goran’s images show leopards, lions, tigers, giraffes in surprisingly relaxed poses, with many of them sharing intimate moments with their companions or babies. He adores big cats. Goran says that with every photograph he takes, he aims to capture the beauty of animals. He believes that if he could make at least one person care a little bit more about animals, then his goal will be achieved.

With his photographic mastery, he managed to place his name on many world media. The portraits of wildlife from the zoo in Skopje, as well as many other excellent photographs, were published in National Geographic, Daily Mail, Le Figaro, Reuters, Nature best photography, Sunday Express, Forbes, Independent, Insider, Telegraph, Bored Panda, New York Post, Huffington Post, China Daily, CNN, BBC, Daily Star, Wild Planet Photo Magazine and many others.

Thanks to authentic photos, Goran has gathered world fans and world fame. If you like Goran’s photos and would like to follow his work, here are the links to his website and social media accounts.

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