High-Res Cameras Needed for Apple Vision Pro


The Apple Vision Pro is out in the wild and people have some pretty strong opinions about it.

a pair of google glasses on a blue surface
A pair of google glasses on a blue surface. Photo by Igor Omilaev

Some people love it, some people hate it, but that could be said about anything.

What we are interested in is how it promised to push the envelope when it comes to cameras and photography.

And there’s little doubt that it is doing just that.

A Canon executive outlined exactly how, stating that cameras currently available on the market are not high resolution enough for Apple Vision Pro.

For those of you who missed our initial post about the Vision Pro, you can read it here. Essentially, it uses advanced camera technology, including 3d cameras, and offers users an immersive experience that is pretty unparalleled. Prior to this, we covered a story about Canon’s efforts in the 3d camera space and, namely, just how expensive those cameras are. Both of those can help give some background to the exec’s statement as well as what the value proposition behind the device could be moving forward.

Specifically, Mac Daily News reports that Senior Managing Executive Officer and Deputy Head of the Imaging Group at Canon Go Tokura said of the Vision Pro, “The VR market itself has been expanding even before Apple launched its Vision Pro. But by doing so, I think it is going to be another push to expand this market. And because the Vision Pro’s resolution is extremely high, what we are hearing is that currently it might be difficult to find a VR system which has enough resolution for Vision Pro.”

So, will the market catch up with the Vision Pro? Probably, after all, that’s the name of the game anyway. Also, noting the industry’s growing penchant for the high-end, high-margin devices, we have no doubt we will see even more advanced models from the big names in this space and soon. COVID-19 might have delayed new products for a bit, but the demand for things that really push the edge of innovation is there and healthy.

Are you an Apple Vision Pro owner? Let us know your thoughts about the device in the comments.

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