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Innovation is a great thing.

person holding black Panasonic dslr camera
Person holding black Panasonic dslr camera. Photo by Angel Barclay

The only problem with it is that there usually needs to be a market ready to support it.

And, according to Panasonic, it’s just not there where 8K cameras are concerned. Namely, consumer demand just doesn’t justify that kind of risk – at least not yet.

What has spurred all of this talk? Well, back in March, it was rumored that the eventual successor to the Panasonic Lumix S1H would have a 50MP sensor and 8K capabilities, Digital Camera World reports.

The company has moved to snuff that rumor out in its cradle, citing relevant market demand as the reason why it is just a little bit far-fetched at this point.

The question was apparently asked at the trade event, Photo & Imaging 2023, in China. The Panasonic panel was also uncharacteristically unequivocal in their answer, basically leaving no wiggle room for people looking for a kernel of truth in March 2023’s rumor.

Of course, all of this leaves the question, if not now, when? After all, the lower end of the market is shrinking every single day and most manufacturers are finding profit (if it is to be had) in the high end of the market. This is a trend we have covered here for some time. Then again, it isn’t like consumers are without options and it isn’t like Panasonic is saying that. The basic argument is that there isn’t enough demand there to sustain multiple competitors, and they might be right about that. Nonetheless, rationality does little to dampen the enthusiasm of the press for innovations nor does it assuage fans of Panasonic products eager for something on the cutting edge.

What are your thoughts on 8K? Right around the corner or somewhat down the road? Let us know in the comments.

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