Microsoft Paint Bringing Transparency and Layers in Latest Update


Coming right after we just covered Adobe’s rising prices and increasing embrace of AI with its suite of applications, Microsoft Paint is adding some core, necessary features for basic photo editing such as transparency and layers.

assorted-color paints and paintbrushes on white tarp
Assorted-color paints and paintbrushes on white tarp. Photo by Taelynn Christopher

And while more options are always a good thing, this probably won’t be targeting the more pro audience out there. Nonetheless, the addition of these features to Microsoft’s longstanding app is a sign of the times if ever there was one. In other words, the need for photo and video editing tools is greater now than ever before and when Paint is joining the fray you can only hope that the baseline of features for the paid apps goes up a notch.

Paint also has a robust background removal feature that the blog post touts. It’s a pretty solid set of updates for something that is free and rarely considered when it comes to photo editing and manipulation.

One thing we found refreshing with this blog post is that there was zero mention of artificial intelligence and all of the things it can and will be able to do for you – up to and including putting some of us out of work it seems

In case you’ve missed some of our latest coverage about AI and photo editing, we’ve covered articles about holograms bringing back the dead, selling you something, and, naturally, the various iterations on the text-to-image and text-to-video platforms out there. It’s a pretty heady time to be alive, as well as one that is pretty uncertain as to where everything is going.

What are some of your favorite photo and video editing software suites? Let us know your faves as well as what you like (or don’t like) about them in the comments.

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