Mosaic Offers Creators IMDB-Style “Proof of Work”


There’s a lot to be said for authenticity in a world of AI-generated media, but there’s also a need to give creators proper credit. Combining the two into one platform offers creators a unique proposition and that is exactly what Mosaic seeks to do when it comes to content you see on popular social media platforms like TikTok.

blue orange and white floral textile
Blue orange and white floral textile. Photo by Raimond Klavins

If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably wondered where some of these viral videos and audio come from in the first place. And if you’ve ever attempted to find out, you are probably aware that it is often easier said than done. That’s kind of ridiculous when you think about it. After all, someone had to film it, edit it, or whatever, and it’s become so popular and regurgitated that no one can reliably find out who that is.

Until platforms like Mosaic came around.

Billing itself the “IMDB for everyone” on its website, Mosaic is “A social tool for authenticating projects, establishing creative rights, and discovering your next opportunity.”

“By emphasizing the unique and verifiable contributions of individuals, Mosaic aims to redefine the recognition of professional achievements in an age where authenticity and human touch are paramount. We've never had a database of verified, singular projects, available publicly to view, acknowledge, and connect with but soon we will,” founder Joshua Hoy writes.

Instituted by the Creators Guild of America, Mosaic will contact creators at all levels with their work in a way that verifies the participant’s ownership and/or collaboration status. When it comes to freelancing, in particular, this is a powerful tool as it allows people to credibly link their talents to published work.

Any thoughts that you might have on content authentication platforms like Mosaic are welcome in the comments.

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