Olympus Successor OM Digital Solutions Touts Commitment to Releasing New Cameras and Lenses for 2021


This time last year, we were debating whether or not the rumors about Olympus leaving the business were true.

Photo by Balázs Benjamin from Pexels.

Now here we are, and we know that Olympus, despite its many protestations to the contrary, has left the business and passed along that IP to a new company called OM Digital.

And today we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what the new company will do with the vaunted Olympus assets.

Fans, be assured, the company has new cameras and lenses on the way…if the answers given by an Olympus exec during a recent interview with 4/3 Rumors are to be trusted.

When asked about upcoming new products, an OM Digital exec told 4/3 Rumors, “It’s not just one, but I want to launch various series, lenses, next flagship models, etc. so that there is not too much space between them. I will put out something that people can say that it was really good to use. This is not only enthusiasm, but there are things that are progressing properly according to the schedule. Please look forward to it!”

But that’s about all we got out of the interview. The company has made repeated promises to support the Micro Four Thirds market going forward.

Also, nothing about the shortage of 150-400mm f/4.5 TC 1.25x IS Pro lenses but the company did say it was “grateful” to receive so many order, PetaPixel reports.

You can read the interview over at 4/3 Rumors.

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