Paywall for Social Media Posts? New Monetization Option On Its Way for Instagram Creators


Want to hide your Instagram posts behind a paywall for subscribers to your account?

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Instagram app icon. Photo by Brett Jordan

You will be able to do that, and much more, with Instagram’s latest round of updates.

If subscriptions to a bespoke Instagram experience sound like a great way to make money, then Meta’s number one platform has a place for you although it is quite strange that Instagram content is going to go the route of things like OnlyFans. Whatever the case, ostensibly aimed at providing creators with yet another way to monetize content, we’re here for it.

Introduced as part of a slew of updates outlined in a tweet from Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, the subscriber posts feature is actually something people have wanted for quite a while now.

The features described include Chats, Posts, Reels, and Home. The last feature is a bespoke landing page just for subscribers to a creator’s content while the others are pretty self-explanatory. In many ways, Instagram is mimicking the features offered on Patreon as well as YouTube and the live-streaming service Twitch.

The subscription feature is also one of those rare updates that benefit current users and people who will come along in the future. Some accounts already have a built-in audience ready to go while those that are considering whether or not Instagram is worth it from a creator’s perspective have another reason to give it a look-see. And it’s just the beginning of this kind of suite of features which means we can expect more updates and changes in the future. Of course, we’ll bring you word of those as we heard about them.

What do you think of a paywall subscription service for social media posts? Let us know in the comments below.

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