Pentax Teases Throwback Analog Camera


Most of our headlines are about the latest and greatest in the field in terms of new technology.

black and gray Pentax single-lens reflex camera
Black and gray Pentax single-lens reflex camera. Photo by Thái An

And a lot of those stories are about artificial intelligence these days.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t love the more traditional sectors (and, in fact, we’re not the only people it seems).

Years ago there was a whole craze of launching Kickstarter projects to resurrect classic models and formats from the past. While that has died out, the desire for “retro” or throwback products hasn’t abated.

In this vein, Pentax is launching a new film camera, TechRadar reports, and the half-frame compact hybrid with both analog and electronic controls is expected around the middle of this year. TechRadar does include the caveat that they aren’t sure whether summer 2024 means the camera will be revealed or launched to retail, either way, people are excited.

Why half frame? Pentax explains that the new camera is going to blend the classic use of analog cameras with the formatting popular on social media today. In other words, they expect the snaps to be uploaded digitally and onto major platforms thus that went into their formulation for the camera and its capabilities.

“Compared to the peak of film photography, the price of film is much higher today. By designing a vertical-format camera, we figured that we could double the number of photos captured on each roll of film,” Takeo Suzuki said of the format according to TechRadar.

No official design as of yet but we do know that a big part of the camera body will be the blend of analog and digital features in terms of quality of life and needed information. On that note, we have no idea what the pricing might be, either, but expect it to be similar to efforts from competitors. Overall, the video has a lot of people hyped but also asking questions about what exactly we’ve got here. We will be sure to keep you updated.

You can watch a video on YouTube at this link.

Any thoughts you might have on the new film cameras companies are releasing these days are welcome in the comments.

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