People Are Removing the Filters from the Viral TikTok “Silhouette Challenge” Participants, Revealing More Than Some Intended


Viral “challenges” on social media rise and fall with such rapidity that we don’t often notice them until something stupid or weird happens to draw community attention to it.

Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels.

Well, here we are again, and all we can say is that, thankfully, this isn’t a challenge that puts anyone in harm’s way. Instead, it’s more of a precautionary thing.

You see, TikTokers are doing this thing called the “silhouette challenge” based on Paul Anka’s song “Put Your Head on My Shoulder.” To keep it brief, a filter on Tiktok renders an image with a concentrated, blacked-out subject surrounded by an equally stark and contrasting red background. Since it is supposed to be somewhat “red light” and risque, some users have taken to that spirit of the challenge wholeheartedly but under the impression that no one could actually see them in any state of undress.

Of course, you can’t have nice things on the Internet, and now there are warnings out that you might want to make sure you don’t reveal too much during the “silhouette challenge” because some creepers out there are removing the filter and revealing what is underneath it. So, if you’re dancing naked on TikTok under the impression that no one can see you, people can see you.

This was brought to the public’s attention by none other than good samaritan photographers on TikTok and other services that are pointing out, somewhat obviously for anyone in the field, that these images can be reverse engineered to remove the filter so be mindful of that.

We’re just glad this challenge doesn’t involve hanging out of a car, over a cliff, or any other manner of stunt likely to result in brief viral fame or permanent death.

What do you think of the “silhouette challenge” and ensuing controversy surrounding it? Let us know your thoughts on this news story in the comments below.

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