23 Photographs Of Colorful Birds From Around The World


Capturing beautiful photographs of colorful birds requires some expertise as they are one of the most difficult and challenging subjects to photograph. Once you get the hang of it, bird photography can be so rewarding and quite easy. Here are 23 photographs of some colorful birds from around the world that we believe will inspire you to capture beautiful photographs of the birds around you.

Besides having the right equipment, settings, and other necessary things required for bird photography, one of the most important factors to consider is composition along with the right lighting conditions. Composition is the secret to incredible photography and if you wish to learn and understand composition, then we recommend you to check out the “Understanding Composition” guide by Photzy that goes through step-by-step methods when teaching you the fundamentals.

blue and red bird
Photo by Hans Veth
little blue bird
Photo by Bob Brewer
gorgeous eagle
Photo by Luca 
cute yellow bird
Photo by David Clode
beautiful flamingo
Photo by Alan Emery
red bird on a dark background
Photo by Timothy Dykes

Composition is a very important and fundamental part of photography. Through the right compositional techniques, the photographer leads the viewer through the photograph to the subject. If you wish to improve in photography through better compositional techniques, then check out this “Understanding Composition” guide by Photzy.

large red bird
Photo by Abhishek rana
bird with a red mark on the chest
Photo by David Clode
tall bird in the field
Photo by Dave Hoefler

When it comes to photography, focal points are important as they are the points where the eyes of the viewers are drawn to or rest in a photograph. If you want to learn composition techniques like focal points and use them to improve your photography, then check out this “Understanding Composition” guide by Photzy that comes with 120 step-by-step pages, 25 key lessons, example images, self-check quizzes, assignments, exercises, and many more.

cute colorful bird
Photo by Leslie Low
bird with a large beak
Photo by David Clode 
small bird with black head
Photo by Leslie Low
colorful duck
Photo by Dennis Buchner

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Birds are the wonderful creations of nature, Thanks for listing, how can a picture of the Sun Conure be missed? Maybe you can add it when you extend the listing. It is one of my favorite birds.

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