7 Tutorials For Easy Photography Hacks And DIY


Photography and the technology involved are constantly evolving with new equipment and accessories being added for creative photography. It is not possible to own every lens, filter, and accessory but it is possible to use some photography tricks to capture creative photographs. There are a lot of interesting and cheap techniques that can be used in the place of expensive accessories and in this article we have put together 7 tutorials for easy photography hacks and DIY that can also be very useful for themed photo challenges and allow you to capture fresh photos.

1. The Ultimate Guide To DIY Photography

Working on simple DIY projects for photography can be both interesting and satisfying. Some projects take only a few minutes if planned well and are highly affordable. Here is an ultimate guide to DIY photography from Expert Photography with 156 tips.

2. How To Convert Your DSLR To A Pinhole Camera

If you are looking to do something different from regular photography and are looking for some ideas, the pinhole camera technique is one that you can try. Without going through the hassle of developing films, you can easily use your DSLR for pinhole photography. This tutorial by Behind the Shutter shows you how your digital camera can be used as a pinhole camera.

3. How To Create A DIY Filter For Custom Bokeh Shapes

We know that the shape of the bokeh in photography is determined by the lens and its aperture, but have you seen that beautifully shaped bokeh that is used to capture dreamy photographs? You do not need a bunch of fancy filters or photoshop to create that effect, but a quick DIY filter will get the job done. This tutorial from Make Use Of will teach you how to create a DIY filter for custom bokeh shapes and allow you to discover incredible photos.

Photo by Bruce Hong

4. How To Make A DIY Light Box

If you are someone who photographs products a lot, then a lightbox is an essential tool to help capture professional-looking photographs. You can make your own lightbox at a cheaper price and also capture perfect product photographs without having to hire a professional photographer. This tutorial from Fix The Photo teaches how to make a lightbox, use the lightbox and then edit the product images.

5. 11 DIY Photography Equipment Hacks And Ideas On A Budget

If you are looking for creative ways to capture good photos and you do not have the required accessories that may be expensive, you need to know that the trick to capturing a good photograph is not essentially fancy gear. Some awesome DIY photography hacks can help you build your own kits for photography. This tutorial by DIY Projects provides 11 projects, tips, and tricks for amazing photos.

6. 8 Prism Photography Tips And Ideas

One creative tool that photographers can use to capture interesting images is the prism. Prisms can be used to add visual interest to an image in terms of interesting reflections, flares, concealing unwanted objects and so much more. This tutorial from Adorama provides 8 prism photography tips and ideas.

Photo by Jakob Owens

7. 20 Photography Hacks That Will Get You Amazing Results

Photography hacks are cheap and will provide amazing results that you will want to explore more creative ways to use day-to-day objects for creative photography. There are even things lying around in your house that can be used as accessories to capture images that stand out from the crowd and make for a great Gurushots hack. This tutorial from Photo Blog walks you through 20 photography hacks that you can do at home.

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