5 Things To Consider When Designing Your Online Portfolio With Some Great Examples

By JasenkaG / November 13, 2018

In the digital world we are living in, your online portfolio plays the role of your business card – it has to look memorable and engaging. It’s truly important for photographers to chose carefully both the design and content of their portfolios. A great portfolio can easily boost your career especially if you’re still new to photography.

The following 5 things are something you should have in your mind when designing your online portfolio:

1. Keep it simple

People have very short attention spans nowadays,  which means you have to learn to get your message across as quickly as possible. The main purpose of your online portfolio should be clear and using a web design based on simplicity will allow your visitors to navigate the website easily.

2. Design should match your work

A truly outstanding website design should match both your work and your personal aesthetic preferences. For instance, a wedding photography portfolio should look elegant and subtle, while a travel photography portfolio should look more colorful and suggest an adventurous vibe.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

3. Showcase only the best of your photography

Your online portfolio should never showcase  ‘the complete works of’. You need to be very critical and understand that some of your work (perhaps early work!) shouldn’t be the part of your current portfolio. Another useful thing to consider when ordering a gallery is to start and end with your best photos. This will make a lasting impression on your website visitors.

4. Create a contact page

You should have a section or a page dedicated to your contact information and maybe even a price list if you offer various photo services. This will make the process of contacting you simple and effortless.

5. Don’t forget social media

Social media might be even more important than websites nowadays –  they are a great way to promote your photography! In addition to an online portfolio, you should have Facebook and Flickr pages as well as an Instagram profile. Social media makes it easier for people to contact you, so make sure to insert links from your portfolio to your social media sites and back.

Here Are 10 Great Examples Of Photography Portfolios:

1. Jill Greenberg

2. Paolo Boccardi

3. Brent Stirton

4. Christian Oth

5. Timothy Hogan

6. Joon Brandt

7. Lisa Michele Burns

8. Christina Marie

9. ELI Company

10. Anna Kuperberg

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