23 Great Examples Of Creative Photography Through Glass


Photography through glass is a creative way to explore how light and its properties can be used to capture stunning images. Reflection, diffraction, refraction, and interference are some properties that can be used to capture amazing photographs through glass. Moreover, it also pushes the photographer to observe and capture things differently by overcoming their creative boundaries.

Shooting through glass can be done on the streets, at home, when on sky decks, aquariums, shop displays, in cars, and on buses. It could be from the outside looking in or from the inside looking out and there are some settings, tricks, and techniques that you need to take care of when shooting through glass.

In order to successfully capture photographs through glass, you need to understand light. Great photographers master the art of recognizing light, how to control it, how to make it, and how to manipulate it. And, if you also want to master light for great photography, then we recommend you to check out this premium photography guide by Photzy – “Understanding Light: Book II.”

Here are 23 images that are great examples of creative photography through glass.

photography through glass portrait
Photo by Tengyart
photography through glass portrait
Photo by Redd
church in the window
Photo by Casey Nguyen 
bus driver
Photo by Danny Lines

When shooting through glass you need to understand and know the techniques to handle reflections and other interferences caused by light. These can be either eliminated or used creatively based on your intended results. If you wish to master light, this guide by Photzy, “Understanding Light: Book II” will give you the ability to recognize, control, and manipulate light, taught through 155 pages of fast and easy learning. It is packed with illustrations, case studies, and assignments to verify your knowledge.

rain glass reflection
Photo by Jason Leung
cafe glass lighting
Photo by Alex Motoc
plants through glass
Photo by Annie Spratt 
city in the rain
Photo by Viacheslav Bida 

There may be times when you travel to a location and you find that the light is uninteresting or flat. But there are ways in which light can be manipulated to get the desired results. This premium guide from Photzy, “Understanding Light: Book II” gives straightforward advice that will instantly raise the quality of your work. You will learn the secrets behind controlling existing light and never again have to worry about losing an opportunity to photograph, because of bad light.

clothing store glass
Photo by Ja Kubislav

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