10 Tutorials To Help You Capture Stunning Abstract Photography


Abstract photography is a challenging yet fun-filled and exciting genre of photography where it forces the photographer to look at things differently and also to observe things closely to study their shapes, textures, colors, etc. It also evokes the viewer’s curiosity because most abstract photographs will not have much of the original subject’s meaning or identity.

Abstract photographs can be of anything from objects that we use on a day-to-day basis to grand landscapes and architectural structures that we mostly would not think of as subjects for abstract photography. You can also make use of the physical properties of materials, fluids, etc., to create your own abstracts and capture them.

In this article, we have put together ten tutorials that will help you to learn the tricks and techniques required to capture incredibly stunning abstract photography.

1. Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is hard to define and can be created in many ways using a wide variety of photographic materials, processes, and equipment. The evolution of abstract photography is a result of various methods and ideas used by artists who used traditional methods to photograph real-life scenes and objects that brought emphasis to their abstract qualities. This tutorial from The Art Story gives an overview of abstract photography, discusses the history and concepts of abstract photography, and also shows its progression through important photographs and artists of abstract photography.

abstract photography tutorials
Photo by Evie S.

2. How To Shoot Beautiful Abstract Photography

Abstract photography can include a range of photographic work that could be photographs of everyday objects, captures from scientific studies, light paintings and these can be captured through the use of careful compositional guidelines or even accidental creative shots. This is one of the genres of photography that has existed for many years and still continues to fascinate people. This tutorial from 500px talks about some brilliant ideas for awesome abstract photography.

3. Abstract Photography: 9 Tips For Capturing Stunning Abstract Images

Getting into abstract photography can be one of the best ways to explore creativity and have the freedom to capture objects the way you desire. Abstract photography can sometimes go against the rules and allows the photographer to express their artistic views. This tutorial from Adorama covers nine tips for capturing stunning abstract images.

abstract photography tutorials
Photo by Jason Leung

4. Tips For Abstract Landscape Photography Success

When capturing abstract landscapes, it is important to remove the surrounding elements that give the subject its meaning. In order to achieve this, you will need to limit your field of view and focus on the part that you wish to capture so it makes the viewers focus on the features of a landscape rather than seeing it as a vast landscape. This tutorial from Lens Craft gives six tips to capture abstract images of vast landscapes.

5. 5 Tips On Photographing Abstract Subjects In Nature

Nature photography includes photographing everything that is natural in the great outdoors and it is not limited to just the landscapes, but everything that exists as part of the landscape. In nature, you have the opportunity to photograph abstracts of all the life and elements that make up the natural habitat and this includes waterscapes, landscapes, flora, fauna, microscopic organisms, and anything natural that you see around. You have the opportunity to photograph a wider frame or a closeup macro and this tutorial from Small Scenes gives you five tips to photograph abstract subjects in nature.

abstract photography tutorials
Photo by Jo Wroten

6. Abstract Macro Photography: 6 Tips For Gorgeous Abstract Macros

Macros are a great way to study and capture the intricate details in subjects that would otherwise go unnoticed when normally looking at them. If you approach your macro subjects from an unusual perspective, you will be able to capture really gorgeous abstract photographs. This tutorial from Jaymes Dempsey teaches six tips to capture stunning macro photographs.

golden flower abstract
Photo by Lucas Santos

7. Master Urban Abstract Photography With These 8 Tips

Urban areas are filled with amazing structures and architecture that can be great subjects for abstract photography. Sometimes, we only notice the grand scale of the structures in front of us, but fail to notice the shapes, forms, and colors that make up the whole structure. In order to give your urban photography an abstract feel, this tutorial from Ephotozine provides eight top tips on what, how, and where to take your photos when exploring an urban area.

city at night
Photo by Mike Kononov

8. Shoot Differently: Abstract Street Photography Tips

Abstract photography can also be done in streets because street environments are full of geometrical features and movement which are great factors and elements for abstract photography. If you observe and interpret things conceptually when on the streets, you can capture some really interesting abstracts through street photography. This tutorial from Canon provides some tips to capture abstracts in a conceptual way so you can uncover the hidden delights of even the most familiar scenes.

man with a mask
Photo by Saugat Giri

9. 11 Tips For Creating Abstract Oil And Water Images

Abstract photography is a great genre to explore when indoors using some basic things that you have at home. You can try abstracts of many kinds using water and other colorful fluids and if you only have oil at home, you can capture incredible oil and water macros with the tools you have at home. This tutorial from Photo Crowd gives you eleven tips for creating abstract oil and water images.

10. 10 Tips For Creating Amazing Abstract iPhone Photos

Abstract photography is a way to get creative when using smartphones for photography. Smartphones give you the flexibility to create unique images from ordinary subjects simply because you have them always ready with you everywhere and also because you can try different perspectives, and compositions and get close to your subject even in unusual situations with ease. This tutorial from iPhone Photography School will help you to discover the key elements for creating amazing abstract images with your iPhone or any other smartphone that you have.

glass abstract
Photo by Jonas Denil

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