Do You Read These 8 Cool Photoshop Blogs for Tutorials?


Among the most popular posts here on Light Stalking are our Photoshop tutorials. So in the spirit of everything photoshop, here are some might cool blogs with Photoshop tutorials for both photographers and designers that you should be following.

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1. Worth1000 – Rarely will you find a community as helpful, informative, and dedicated to learning as that on Worth1000. This site hosts daily contests for beginning and advanced Photoshop users and has a well-stocked library of Photoshop tutorials which cannot be found elsewhere. But it is in the forums of this site that most of the learning happens. Every question anyone asks is answered and often elaborated upon. Members are encouraged to have discussions on various techniques, offer advice to newbies, and spread their knowledge. Members can even post projects they are working on to get feedback on.


2. Psdtuts+ is a hugely popular blog that every Photoshop user should know about. Not only is the sheer volume of tutorials impressive, but the quality of each and every one of them is what keeps readers loyal. Psdtuts+ also features monthly roundups of the Web. These include tutorials, inspirational pieces, freebies, and other Photoshop-related things. Articles and interviews with Photoshop experts and professionals are also posted frequently.


3. HV-Designs is a very clean and clutter-free blog which features Photoshop tutorials in addition to coding, WordPress, and jQuery tutorials. The Photoshop tutorials are geared more towards the practical needs of a Photoshop user rather than to artistic effects. These tutorials are helpful for beginners looking to get a solid foundation in Photoshop, but will also teach more advanced users some new things. Most of the Photoshop tutorials on this blog have be posted with web designers in mind, but they are equally useful for other users.


4. Photoshop Tutorials is, as the name suggests, completely dedicated to Adobe Photoshop tutorials. Unlike many tutorial sites, this collection of tutorials teaches effects and techniques you will not find anywhere else. Photoshop downloads, such as gradients, textures, and brushes are available for free. The page of creative inspiration includes interviews with established designers and giveaways for those who are interested. The really nice thing about this blog is that it is not trying to be sleek or flashy. It is what it is.


5. PS Deluxe is a very bright and colorful blog which is all about Photoshop tutorials, inspiration, and resources. There are both textual and video tutorials which cover everything from drawing in Photoshop to special effects and web layouts. PS Deluxe is unique in that it has dedicated one page to the latest trends in online photo effects. Also, it has several Photoshop tutorials which include an entire Psd file so that people can see exactly what went into the effect they are trying to learn.


6. Tutzor has a nice selection of Photoshop tutorials which are ranked according to their level of difficulty. Tutzor has worked hard to include techniques and skills in their tutorials that every Photoshop user should be comfortable with. Topics include basic design principles, typography, drawing, lighting effects, and colorization. The actual blog entries on Tutzor are very informative as they keep up with important things such as the latest versions of Photoshop, advice, and interviews with the top contributors on Tutzor. There are also a lot of video tutorials which cover many basic things such as the Photoshop Tools and the Photoshop workspace. These videos make it easier for beginners to follow along and once they have mastered the basics they can move onto the more advance Photoshop screencast tutorials.


7. Tutorial King is another one of those blogs which are not very well known, but hold a mine of information and resources. All the tutorials are extremely enticing and still teach solid tips and techniques that can be applied to other projects or in other situations. The tutorials are either completely original in terms of their concept, or they take an already established trend and demonstrate how they can be used in a completely innovative way. Some of the techniques are so inspiring that they leave readers wondering why in the world the Internet is not flooded with similar tutorials.


8. Pixel77 is a very clean and straight-forward blog that features Photoshop tutorials and offers design resources and articles. The tutorials do not share any particular theme, other than being useful and educational. Illustrator tutorials are mixed in with the Photoshop tutorials, so readers will have to read the headings carefully. But the tutorials and resources that are related to Photoshop make any extra searching worth while.


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I love all these sites and I hope some day mine might also be as good as some of these fantastic photoshop blogs.

Worth 1000 likes to sanction plagiarism in their contests. They protect d-bags who steal from other artists, particularly in their logo design contests.

These 8 blogs are really the great and informative for me to learn about photoshop. I very much like designing field and I want to show my creativity using photoshop tool so these blogs are more important for me to know about various tools and features of photoshop.

I have recently released a tutor site where I run one on one tuition sessions via screen sharing. Ive really noticed how students pick up the program so much quicker like this comparing them to students I have in a classroom environment. I am also developing a blog with free tutorials which may interest readers. Check it out.

What a great and highly informative blog. I visited all of the sites damn ???? . I knew much of it because of the coarse . you guys should give it a try m sure you will find photoshop piece of cake . here’s the link
. Plz keep posting like this in the future ✌????????????

I wish I could find a website that would explain all the possible sharpening options and how much of each to use.
Until then, I guess I’ll keep using the edge sharpen photoshop action I got 15 years ago from heaven knows where.

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