Say “Goodbye” to the Samsung Galaxy Note


The smartphone that started the whole “phablet” trend is going the way of the 8-track tape and other electronics of bygone eras as Samsung is officially pulling the plug on the iconic line.

silver Samsung Galaxy smartphone
Photo by Mark Chan

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get the same set of features in the company’s S22 Ultra model. And, apparently, that’s somewhat the reason why. It seems as though the Galaxy Note’s distinct identity waned over the years while largely being subsumed by other models in the Samsung stable. Now that it isn’t so distinct and special, might as well get rid of it entirely – especially if there’s another option right there.

Still, more than a few people are mourning the Galaxy Note’s passing. For one, it was a pretty impressive device back in the day and it definitely made photography and media on a smartphone a more viable option than before. Yet, as The Verge points out, in a world where novelty often reigns, the current Galaxy Note just doesn’t have that extra something-something (which the Fold does have, apparently).

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Note isn’t the only thing we’ve said “bye” to this year. There are more than a few old standbys that won’t be with us going forward, and we’ve covered more than a few of them. We’re just grateful that this product isn’t victim to the global chip shortage etc. plaguing every other industry. Instead, it just seems like the Galaxy Note’s time in the spotlight is up and over.

Were you a Samsung Galaxy Note fan? Let us know your thoughts on the company’s retirement of the product in the comments below.

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