Sony Plans on Releasing Lineup of “Super-Compact” Full-Frame Cameras


You know how we are with rumors so be sure to take this as what it is but it looks like Sony is planning on expanding its camera empire with a set of “super-compact” full-frame cameras.

Photo by Produtora Midtrack from Pexels.

This news comes from the ever-reliable Sony Alpha Rumors. The website reports that Sony will release a new model moniker to distinguish these cameras from the rest of the company’s products. The model name will apparently be “C” in reference to the camera’s “super-compact” form factor.

The first camera, the a7C, will be an entry-level model according to PetaPixel but others will follow to flesh out the range. These cameras will apparently target the vlogger and travel photo market (read: Instagrammers, Youtubers, and others).

And we won’t have to wait long to see this rumored a7C. It will be arriving in the middle of September according to these rumors.

So what kind of camera can we expect? PetaPixel describes it as something between Sony a7 III and the a6600 with the body of the camera coming from the a6600 and the sensor and performance of the a7 III. Naturally, built-in headphone jacks, microphone, wifi, Bluetooth, and a USB Type-C slot will accompany the standard list of modern camera features. As for pricing, it is looking like the unit will be about $USD 2,000.

It wouldn’t be surprising if all of this proved to be true as most rumors around Sony have panned out lately. One of the biggest was that the company was going to spin off its camera division, something that happened despite protestations to the contrary. We reported on that earlier this year in case you missed it.

What do you think of Sony’s plans to introduce a line of compact full-frame cameras? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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