23 Breathtaking Photos Of Starry Skies That Will Inspire You


Starry skies look magical and require a somewhat dark location to capture enough details of the stars. You will also need to know a few techniques and need specific equipment to capture desirable details of the night sky.

Some of the equipment that you will need are, a camera that can shoot in manual mode, a lens of your choice based on what you wish to capture and how, a tripod and a cable release. Choose the exposure time based on the gear you are using and what you are planning to capture. You will also need an understanding of the exposure triangle and the rules to calculate shutter speed for night sky photography.

Here are 23 breathtaking photos of starry skies that will inspire you to capture stunning night sky photographs.

Did you know that you can capture amazing photographs of the stars with just a basic DSLR or Mirrorless camera? You don't need fancy gear and very expensive training. If you wish to capture stunning images of the night sky, we recommend you to check out “Milky Way Mastery” by Expert Photography that will help you change how you think about and approach photographing the stars in a simple way!

Photo by kazuend
Photo by Jeremy Thomas
Photo by Jeremy Bishop
Photo by Johnson Wang
Photo by Matt Bluejay
Photo by Zoltan Tasi
Photo by Casey Horner

The secret to exceptional astrophotography is not your gear but how you use it. You can use your basic gear to capture above average images of the night sky. “Milky Way Mastery” is a high definition video course that will help you master the art of night sky photography and capture magazine quality images without expensive equipment.

Photo by Mark Basarab
Photo by Alex
Photo by guille pozzi 
Photo by brandon siu
Photo by Casey Horner

If you are struggling to capture good photographs of the night sky, then we recommend you to check out this video course “Milky Way Mastery” by expert photography. You will be gaining a lot of skills on camera settings, locating stars and constellations, focusing, white balance, accessories, rules for exposure, compositions, adding depth to photographs, illuminating foregrounds and many more.

Photo by Greg Rakozy
Photo by Boris Bobrov
Photo by Josh Hild
Photo by Jake Weirick
Photo by Jason Leung
Photo by Joshua Oh
Photo by Vino Li

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