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Instagram may not be a font of endless creativity, but it is a place you can go see some pretty amazing pictures.

And it seems like every app caters to it these days. Heck, people even get plastic surgery to “look better” on Instagram.

photo by luke van zyl
Photo by Luke van Zyl

The elegantly named SOVS2 – SomeOne Very Special according to PetaPixel – wants to help you pose better in your Instagram pictures.

No more clunky and awkward body movements allowed in this app.

Using a white overlay, SOVS2 will offer a range of appropriate poses for you (and a partner) to use depending on your background.

How it works is a bit curious, though.

Basically, it doesn’t suggest a pose using some kind of fancy AI or interpretation of your surroundings. You choose the pose you want for the photo, and the app generates a white overlay for you and your partner to then fit inside in the photo. With the help of a friend, or perfect stranger, you then try to fit yourself into the outlines suggested by the app.

So, for those of us that don’t know what a jumping jack is or don’t know how to sit in front of a famous landmark, this app has you covered.

There’s also a backdrop overlay you can use to replace the background you have with something else. You can still implement the pose guidelines in this mode as well.

To make money from their app, the devs are selling packs of poses at $1 a pop. For solo artists, there is SOVS which is a sister app that specializes in poses for the individual.

These prices are pretty much the same as other add-on packs for photography apps. Naturally, the value is very much in the eye of the downloader.

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