Here Are Some Inspirational Ideas And Projects For Summer Photography


It is the summer season in the Northern hemisphere and depending on where you live, you may have very long days that may sometimes keep you away from photographing during your favorite times of the day – the golden and blue hours, but summer is also one of the best times to capture vibrant and cheerful images. You will also come across interesting subjects, flora and fauna, landscapes, light, beach life, etc., during the summer season.

Here are some resources that provide inspirational ideas and projects for stunning summer photography.

20 Amazing Summer Photography Ideas & Photoshoot Tips

Summer is a season when people travel a lot especially if they are in the northern latitudes and it is, therefore, one of the best times for some amazing photography outdoors. The summer season calls for some creativity and ideas that may not be possible during the other seasons. Whether you like to capture portraits, landscapes, events, streets, or the night sky, you will find something to photograph during this season. This article from Shot Kit has some brilliant summer photography ideas so you can head out and take some amazing photos.

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Photo by Geio Tischler

Inspiration For Summer Landscape Photography

During summer, the blue hours and golden hours are either too early or too late since the days are quite long. This can be quite painful as photographers who capture landscapes need to wake up pretty early or stay up very late at night. During the days, the sun is very harsh and high in the sky making the light look boring.

Besides the above, summer offers many unique and seasonal photo opportunities and this article from Nature TTL gives some ideas to help inspire you to get out and capture great landscape images this summer.

10 Sizzling Hot Summer Photography Tips

When photographing in the heat of the summer, there are certain times of the day that are better than the others for certain genres of photography. Summers are also times when there can be stormy days with dramatic clouds and you will also be able to find interesting flora and fauna during this time of the year. Moreover, it is also the time when the core of the Milky Way is quite high in the sky and can yield stunning night sky photography.

This tutorial from Digital Photo Mentor provides some tips and ideas to help you get motivated for summer photography.

10 Summer Photo Projects

Summer heat can be tiring and exhausting at times and photographers can feel less inspired/motivated to go out and shoot. The summer season can be one of the best times to work on new photo projects or to complete pending projects if any. This article from “A Year With My Camera” gives a few ideas for excellent and interesting summer photo projects.

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16 Great Ideas For Summer Photography

Summer comes with nice weather and longer days and hence calls for spending more time in the great outdoors. When outdoors, the opportunities for photography are endless right from macro and wildlife to grand landscapes and the sweeping night skies. This means there is no shortage of ideas for photography enthusiasts.

This article from Contrastly gives sixteen fun summer photography ideas that you may want to add to your list of photo ideas this summer.

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Photo by Quino Al

Tips And Ideas For Summer Photography

During the summer season, the light can be quite harsh all through the day except for early mornings and late afternoons as the sun is high up in the sky. You need to learn to observe light and how it falls on the locations you are planning to shoot and then plan your photoshoot. This article from Digital Photography School talks about the type of light for beautiful summer photography, how to find summer photoshoot locations, along with plenty of summer photography ideas to get you inspired.

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Photo by Roma Kaiuk

7 Useful Tips for Photographing Summer

Summer can be the least favorite season for photography for some landscape photographers. Long summer days mean you do not have many interesting clouds and other features to include in your photographs, but there are many beautiful scenes that can be captured if you are willing to find the right subject and light. With some accessories and planning, summer photography can be quite interesting and inspirational and this tutorial from Captured Landscapes talks about summer photography tips and ideas to help you get started.

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