TikTok Adds Photo Upload Feature in Direct Challenge to Instagram


Things are about to get more challenging for Instagram.

red and whites logo for TikTok
TikTok app logo on black field. Photo by Alexander Shatov

And, if you’re parent company Meta (who is struggling itself at the moment), that’s not the best news – especially if it involves TikTok.

But here we are as TikTok does the inevitable and takes the plunge into photography. That’s right, you can now upload photos in a new feature that aims directly at Instagram’s bread-and-butter feature (although you wouldn’t know it to hear them talk, only to backtrack on that later).

So, what makes photography relevant for TikTok while Instagram strives to take views away from the video platform’s growing audience?

It’s simple: Offer more of what works.

“To expand what's possible with content on TikTok, we've introduced a range of enhanced creation and editing tools. Now available in the US and most regions globally, our new editing tools empower people to enjoy more creative freedom, share richer stories, and bring their content ideas to life across formats.”

Aside from the aforementioned photography, the update also adds a range of new editing options for other content. For photography specifically, “Photo Mode allows you to share carousel posts of still images that automatically display one after another. You can add music to soundtrack the images, which viewers can swipe through at their own pace.”

From the outside looking in, it does appear that TikTok is taking a cue from Instagram but, then again, it’s also a natural expansion for a platform that thrives off of the smartphone camera zeitgeist in which we currently find ourselves. Plus, more options does often translate into broader appeal. I know this writer will give TikTok another look although I have to admit the thought of managing yet another social media presence is daunting, to say the least.

Do you use TikTok? What are some of its strengths? Weaknesses? Let us know what you think about Instagram’s biggest competitor in the comments below.

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