Trying to Take a Selfie with a Lion is Always a Bad Idea


We’ve covered a lot of bad ideas when it comes to taking photographs.

woman showing black Samsung smartphone
Woman showing black Samsung smartphone. Photo by Cristina Zaragoza

Many of them involve drones and there’s always the ever-popular tales of trespassing.

But a continual yarn we weave over here involves the ubiquitous selfie – ubiquitous, thanks to smartphones, and with us probably since the beginning of the camera age.

Today’s story involves a selfie and a wild animal, a quite dangerous combination, and, sadly, resulted in the daredevil’s death in this instance.

Allegedly attempting to take a picture with a lion, the victim in this story climbed over an enclosure to get closure to the animal and was attacked pretty much immediately, PetaPixel reports.

The incident happened at Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh in India and witnesses saw the man, Prahlad Gujjar, provoked the lion beyond jumping into its enclosure. After the mauling, the three lions in the enclosure were eventually led into a feeding cage, and the man’s corpse was removed.

Sadly, this story is quite similar to those we have covered in the past. Situational awareness is one thing, but actually provoking an animal is a whole other thing. Most of the selfie tragedies we cover occur because someone is acting recklessly or isn’t paying attention. Here, it’s pretty suicidal by any definition to jump into a cage with lions. Then again, he was reportedly seeking a selfie with the animal, combining the randomness of being around an unpredictable animal with the lack of awareness that selfies seem to induce in people.

Any thoughts on taking selfies in and around wild animals are welcome in the comments.

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