Understanding Lens Focal Length: A Beginners Guide

lens focal length
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Nifty fifty, ultra-wide, super-zoom. They are terms you may well have heard of in your photographic lives. But what do these terms relate to?

In fact, they are terms used to represent one of the most important elements we have in photography, lens focal length. Focal length is a term given to lenses and defines how wide or narrow our scenes field of view will be.

If you are new to photography you might be happy just shooting away to build your confidence. But eventually, you are going to need to know why your lenses have a number defined in millimetres and what the relevance of that figure is to your photography.

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This a discussion that only appeared with the APSC sensors
The same applied in the past to medium format 6×6, 6×7 or9, etc and there was no discussion about this
Carlos Carvalho

I think Carlos, to be honest, anyone that bought a medium format camera would already have a pretty deep understanding of photography and hence the discussion was not needed. Also we did not have the internet in those days and so there was not the medium to have these discussions on a global scale.

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