Urban and City Photography

As most Light Stalking readers live in the city it's only logical that a lot of them love shooting near where they live. City shooting and architecture throws up its own set of problems though. These are some of the more popular articles and resources on Light Stalking that you can use to improve your city photography.

Capturing The Beauty of the Urban Landscape – For those of you who live near an urban area, there are actually a great many opportunities for beautiful images from the sunrise, through the day, sunset, and well into the evening. You can take advantage of the city lights and architecture to add to the landscape experience. And if you happen to have some interesting parks to work from you get natural landscapes combined with urban landscapes to give very interesting combinations.

21 Stunning Shots of Urban Decay – Urban decay is one of our favourite subjects here at Light Stalking, as it shows us that no matter where you live, there is always something worth shooting. While urban decay has become fashionable over the last few years, the pioneers of urban decay photography really showed us that the real skill in photography lay with the photographer rather than the equipment or the subject.

Why Sometimes You Should ‘Embrace the Shadows’ in Photography – As photographers, we have a tendency to try and to try and bring as much light into a picture as possible. We are afraid of the blocked up shadows, dark corners, large black areas. While it’s certainly undesirable to have some of these problems in an image, I’m here to advise you to embrace the shadows as a potential source of mystery in your pictures.

9 Tips for Urban Decay Photography (With Cool Examples) – There are a few key subjects that draw both the eye of photographers and people who enjoy the art form. They include, among many others, train tracks, running water, sunsets / sunrises and old, desolate buildings. It’s the later of the bunch that we’ll focus on now. This article focuses on giving tips for urban decay photography for your next outing that will surely get you memorable photos.

How to Shoot Urban Wildlife (With 10 Very Cute Examples) – Most wildlife photography is shot with a telephoto zoom lens. But urban wildlife photography is about being up close and personal. It is not advisable to try this with all wildlife, as you risk being mauled to death. Fortunately, there are many creatures that live in cities, rely on humans for food and are more or less tame.

The Truth About Converging Verticals in Architectural Photography – There is a long standing convention in photography that if a building has straight sides, then that is how it should look in a photograph. Almost any textbook you pick up about photography (especially architectural photography) will mention and stress this point. Now, while making sure your verticals are vertical is a skill any photographer should have (and one that we will detail in this article), there is an important point to make…

7 Tips for Better Architectural Photography – When you live in a city, as most Light Stalking readers do, then at some point you’re probably going to find yourself taking a photograph of a building. Unfortunately, it is very easy to take very poor photos of architecture. Hopefully, these tips will help you capture something a little better than just a snap.