Vimeo Releases Mac OS App That Works with Final Cut Pro


If you work with a lot of media, either professionally or as a hobby, then you know the value of time-saving innovations.

After all, time is money, right? And if there is a better way to do something, most of us will take it. This new app from Vimeo hopes to do just that for indie filmmakers.

Video-sharing website Vimeo debuted a new Mac OS app with integration into Apple’s Final Cut Pro suite of editing software today in a move cheered by longtime users of the platform and fans of the longstanding software suite out of Cupertino.

For those that may not know about Vimeo, the service is similar to YouTube but with a greater focus on music videos and short films. The White House uploads its official broadcasts in high definition to the service, for example.

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While not as popular as rival service YouTube or as ubiquitous, Vimeo is beloved by filmmakers and creatives across the world.

The new Mac OS app is free, of course, and allows users to export ProRes video and other formats directly to the Vimeo service itself, cutting out the process of exporting the video and then uploading it – a real time saver for people who post a lot of video clips to the service. Further, the app will allow for the export of multiple videos simultaneously.

Users have the option to edit titles, privacy settings, and descriptions all from within the app as well as obtain access to video links, reviews, and embed codes. Further, the app will give you updates on the activity surrounding each uploaded video. The new Vimeo app requires MacOS Sierra (10.12) or newer to work.

To view and download the new Vimeo app with awesome Final Cut Pro capabilities, click here to visit the Mac OS app store.

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