Vimeo Won’t Allow AI to Scrape the Platform’s Content


There is a huge debate around AI and, more specifically, how to “ethically” deploy it.

black dslr camera on tripod
Black dslr camera on tripod. Photo by Jesus Loves Austin

Part of that debate is how AI gets its abilities in the first place. That is, the content that AI platforms use to train themselves to generate the output they do.

Some people think that creators should be compensated, whether that is photography, art, videography, writing, and so on.

Vimeo is not going to let content on its platform be used for AI training en masse, CEO Philip Moyer declared in a blog post.

But they’re leaving the ultimate decision up to the users of Vimeo itself.

“Customer trust is sacrosanct to us, and we have been principled about transparency, which is why we have not trained any generative-AI models with content hosted on Vimeo to date. We are also committed to innovating and equipping customers with control over whether they want to use AI or are comfortable with training AI on their content.

Over the next few weeks, we will be gathering input via a survey and community outreach to understand the types of controls our creative community wants with respect to AI. We will be asking your opinions about your use of AI, the training you’re comfortable with, the opt-in and opt-out models you prefer, and how you want us to treat your public, private, and freely distributed videos.”

It’s hard to deny that AI features are useful, especially when it comes to handling routine or mundane tasks, but it’s also impossible to ignore that all of this efficiency eliminates work and hence jobs for some people. Adobe is worried about it, photographers are worried about it, and even the world of art is somewhat concerned.

What do you think is an ethical way for AI to train itself? Should AI platforms generate their own content or, better yet, buy it from others to train generative platforms? Any thoughts that you might have are welcome in the comments.

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