Want a Virtual Receptionist? This AI Creates Fake People to Staff a Front Desk


You might remember a story we did sometime back about IKEA using virtual renderings to replace its product demonstration photos.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

And we also have reported numerous times on the rendering technologies out there that are capable of creating humans who don’t even exist in reality. Using composites and machine learning, these AI-powered rendering services can make unique faces custom-made for any marketing campaign or purpose.

They can even function as a sort of receptionist it seems, at least that’s the promise behind the technology that Hour One is showing off.

In partnership with WinTech and as part of that firm’s ALICE Receptionist service, Hour One is marketing the terminals as a replacement for the most basic initial contact services. One case use scenario involved the receptionist terminal’s ability to direct visitors to a hospital and even assess whether or not they have an elevated body temperature as it does so.

As ALICE Receptionist states on its website, “When COVID-19 does subside, only ALICE Receptionist can ensure the investment you make in Health and Safety measures today, continue to add value to your organization long after temperature checks and face mask detection become unnecessary.”

Though the ultimate goal will be for technology like the ALICE Receptionist to handle duties similar to those that a human receptionist could perform, the initial stages will focus on lightweight tasks that can ease workflow on current receptionists and even help protect them from potential infection from diseases like COVID-19. As you can probably imagine, developing an AI robust enough to handle all of the queries that a human receptionist could possibly encounter is more of a future destination than a current goal.

Do you think AI-generated models will replace most of the work done by standard human models in the future? What about jobs like a receptionist? Let us know your thoughts on this technology in the comments below.

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