Want to Work for Buckingham Palace? The Queen of England Needs a Social Media Manager


Celebs hiring social media managers is nothing new, but the number of public figures that need one “by necessity” is growing by the day.

Whatever kind of public figure you are, you will probably need some kind of social media management as a part of your general overall marketing package.

buckingham palace
Image by Debbie Fan

And when you are a tourist draw like the Queen of England in the UK is, then it makes perfect sense that a social media manager is needed.

That’s exactly what they’re looking for, too, in an ad recently posted by Buckingham Palace.

In what can only be interpreted as a sign of the times, the position isn’t the best paying but does include 33 days of paid time off and all of the perks of a governmental position.

Outside of that, though, we’d imagine the Queen’s social media manager would get to go to some swanky events and probably get some firsthand experience at breaking news with a major world figure.

But as anyone who has managed social media before can tell you, that’s not an easy job. From dealing with trolls and spam to making sure your message stays on point and within the typically narrow requirements given to you by clients, social media management can really, really suck. Notice whenever something goes wrong the first person most of these celebs blame is either the social media manager or the web guy.

That’s just the way it is unfortunately.

What do you think about the job? Does it sound like something you’d be interested in doing? Have you ever worked as a social media manager or even as a photographer for a VIP? Let us know your story in the comments below.


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