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One of the more popular topics that we have covered recently here on this blog is the emergence of artificial intelligence, particularly when it comes to photography and generating images.

black table lamp beside book
Black table lamp beside journal. Photo by π“΄π“˜π“‘π“š 𝕝𝔸𝕀

It seems like only yesterday when we were telling you about the ability to enter text and generate an image based on that text; today, we're far beyond that and, in fact, the technology is so advanced that it is finding its way into marketing materials, among other things.

This is sort of the future that we envisioned although we didn't quite expect it to arrive this soon. And while it is certainly not putting us all out of work right away, there are some concerns that the art could be lost in the process.

If you're one of those people that doesn't want to support AI-generated images or you're just curious whether or not something you're looking at is created by artificial intelligence, β€œAI or Not” Is a free website that will detect whether or not the image you are viewing is genuine.

PetaPixel reports that β€œAI or Not” uses Optic’s technology and can spot the latest work from major AI image-generating platforms such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Dall-E, or GAN. Optic discusses the need for transparency and consumer awareness as to whether or not the image one is viewing is authentic or not. We could see this technology being useful in a media landscape where deep fakes and the like are increasingly common.

Using it is simple and you can try it out for yourself at this link.

What are your thoughts on AI-generated images? Will they become more prevalent for marketing purposes or will the public generally reject the artifice? Let us know your thoughts on AI below.

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