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When A Lack of Color is the Perfect Answer

Has this question ever crossed your mind? I wonder if I should shoot this in black & white? We think every photographer has been faced with this decision. And many folks today, in this digital world, would just tell themselves, “I can always convert it later”. But the truth is that sometimes it will help […]

Shooting at Shadows: The Secrets to Great Silhouettes

This is a guest post by Phil Hill, a travel photographer from the UK based in Australia. You can see more of Phil’s great work at his travel photography blog or follow him on Facebook or Twitter. I was going through my archive the other day, organizing some latest images for my homepage. There were […]

How to Create More Dynamic Images Using Local Adjustments

(Nikon D80 ISO100 1/80sec. f/2.2 @ 35mm)

A powerful post-processing technique I use for almost every photo is adjusting my settings locally.  I use this technique to bring emphasis to key areas of a photo that I want my viewer to focus on. I am using Adobe’s Lightroom Adjustment Brush and Adobe’s Photoshop Dodging and Burning tools to accomplish this. I generally […]

How to Levitate in Your Photos!

Who says people can’t fly? We’ve all done it at one time or another – gazed into the sky wondering what it’d be like to soar like an eagle, watching everything get smaller and smaller below you. Or maybe you dream of what it’d be like to float like a feather on the breeze. It’s […]

How to Make Your Photography Stand Out

Peter Guttman

Digital cameras have completely revolutionized the photography industry. With more convenient, cheaper and higher quality cameras now available on the market, it seems everyone owns a point and shoot or DSLR. More recently, social media brought this growth explosion to the next level, encouraging many people around the world to share their work online. Popular […]

How to Use Open Water to Create a Great Abstract

The Wonders of a Different Focus

This is a guest post by Saul Molloy. You can read more on Saul’s blog, add him to twitter or catch up with what he’s been shooting on Flickr. Capturing light reflected from water is a time-tested technique for creating great photographic compositions and one utilised by photographers almost every time there’s still water to […]

Do You Recognize These Famous Places in Tilt Shift Photos?

Tilt Shift photography is an increasingly popular pastime among people looking for original shots of overdone subjects. While tilt shift gives real subjects a quality that makes them look more like scale models than real places, the popularity of the technique is growing and growing. The thing is, sometimes it can be difficult to recognise […]

20 Special Effects Photography Tutorials

Learning how to do beautiful photography special effects can give a lot of enjoyment for some of us amateur photographers. The great thing is that many of the techniques that required a large investment in equipment only a few years ago, can now be replicated using a good digital editing program on a home computer. […]