20 Special Effects Photography Tutorials

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Learning how to do beautiful photography special effects can give a lot of enjoyment for some of us amateur photographers. The great thing is that many of the techniques that required a large investment in equipment only a few years ago, can now be replicated using a good digital editing program on a home computer.
This list of tutorials from tilt shift photography through to HDR will hopefully show you that the world of special effects photography is not outside the bounds of the average amateur. In fact, a rich world of photo experimentation is right at the hands of anyone who has a camera, a computer and some patience.

Tilt Shift Photography Tutorials

Canal Grande

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Photo by JJJohn

Tilt shift photography produces images that look almost like miniature model scenes. In fact, when you first see tilt shift images, you could be forgiven for thinking that you are looking at a scene from a model railway.
Tilt Shift Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make Fake Miniature Scenes
Tilt Shift Photography Tutorial and Showcase
Faking Tilt-Shift – a Tutorial for Realistic Miniaturised Photos
Tilt Shift Photography Tutorial
Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial

Lomo Photography Tutorials

Flower Lomo

Photo by Klaire Lee.

Lomo photography has a massive worldwide following due to the success of the original Russian state-run LOMO PLC which produced the LOMO LC-A Compact Automat Camera in the early 1980s. The camera produced a unique and recognizable hue and blur to the images in took and soon became a photophic cult favourite.
Make photos look … retro? Digital lomography

Lomo Tutorial
Lomo in Photoshop

HDR Photography Tutorials

hdr tree

Photo by Paulo Brandão.

HDR or High Dynamic Range photography produces remarkably stiking anbd colorful images that have enjoyed massive popularity for the last few years. Resembling the effects of Fuji Velvia film, HDR images are surprisingly easy to replicate.
HDR Tutorial
HDR – High Dynamic Range Photography
Jonathan Connolly's HDR Tutorial
How to Create HDR Photos
Gritty HDR

Infrared Photography Tutorials

Ivy on tree- Holga Infrared

Photo by Schoeband.

With traditional infrared photography, the film or image sensor had to be sensitive in inrared light. These days, the same effect can be achieved with photoshop.
Tutorial : Infrared Photography with a Canon
Infrared Photography Tutorial
Another Infrared Photography Tutorial
Near Infrared Digital Photography: A Tutorial
An Infrared Photography Tutorial: Part 1

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