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15 Jaw-Dropping Photos of Birds of Prey in Flight

When you think of fearsome predators, which ones come first to mind? Wolves? Lions or bears? How about snakes or sharks? Some of you might even be in the midst of a bone-chilling flashback about a menacing spider you once encountered. But what about birds? Most people think of a pet parrot or a handsome cardinal or some similar non-threatening winged creature; unless you happen to be an ornithophobe, none of these is going to be any cause for concern. Make no mistake, though — there are some real rock stars among the class of animal we refer to as birds. Eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, and other raptors characterized by peerless vision, powerful beak, and piercing talons are some of nature’s most efficient hunters.
The photos below capture various birds of prey in flight, some in active pursuit of their next meal. If you’re uneasy around birds, take this opportunity to marvel our ferocious feathered friends from the safest place possible — in front of a screen.

Eastern Marsh Harrier - 澤鷂
Photo by andy li
Red Kites - Gigrin Farm Wales
Photo by Airwolfhound
Natural Recycling
Photo by Brendan Lally
Turkey vulture.
Photo by Nick Christoff
Ma  Osprey
Photo by Finiky
Male Osprey and Barracuda
Photo by Andy Morffew
Buse variable / Common Buzzard
Photo by Jean-Jacques Boujot
Falcon 5
Photo by Tony Hisgett
black-collared hawk
Photo by Bart van Dorp
Imperial Eagle VS Imperial Eagle
Photo by andy li
Bird Attack!
Photo by Marc Cappelletti
Imperial Eagle-Hunt
Photo by andy li
Majestic Birds of Prey
Photo by Steve Jurvetson
Photo by Jacob Spinks
osprey fishlarge-2727
Photo by Craig ONeal
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