5 Free E-Books on Nature Photography That Will Help You Capture Better Photos of Nature


We've all seen wonderful photos of nature and it's very likely that you've even photographed some. Nature photography encompasses a wide range of photos shot outdoors – landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, flowers, insects, and much more.

If you like photographing nature, we have put together a list of some free e-books on nature photography for you to check out. We hope that you find these useful and that they help you create some great nature photos!

(Note: If you want to take your landscape photography up a notch before you take your next trip outdoors, take a look at Kent DuFault's guide to landscape photography over at Photzy)

Capturing the beauty of nature: a stunning seascape. Photo by Pacheco

1. How to Safely and Creatively Photograph Lightning

In this guide, photographer Aaron Seefeld will teach you how to successfully photograph lightning. He talks about the equipment that you'll need, framing ideas, camera settings, and the techniques for capturing lightning strikes. If you haven't photographed lightning before, do check it out!

2. A Beginner’s Guide to Insect Macro Photography

If you'd like to learn how to photograph bugs and insects, you should definitely check out this guide by photographer Leanne Cleaveley. She discusses everything from gear setup and lighting to composition ideas on utilizing perspective in insect macro photography.

3. Quick Guide to Photographing Seascapes

Capturing seascapes can be a lot of fun, and the resulting photographs can often be stunning. In this guide by Jason Little, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started with photographing seascapes – from gear and technique to getting the composition right. Do check it out.

4. 13 Tips for Wildflower Photography

In this detailed guide, photographer Steve Berardi shares some really useful tips on photographing wildflowers. However, you will learn much more than wildflower photography as the tips will help you better understand fundamentals like exposure, lighting, focusing, sharpness, and post processing.

5. Bird Photography: 15 Incredible Tips for Beginners

In this guide, photographer Prathap gives you tips on photographing birds and he does it in great detail. If you are looking for tips to capture better bird photos, this guide is just for you – it talks about everything from gear, camera settings, exposure, and tons of composition tips and techniques to get the perfect bird photos.

Get Better at Landscape Photography

If you would like to take your landscape shots to the next level by learning the essentials and getting invaluable tips and practical advice, we have something for you – an ebook with 230-plus pages of indispensable knowledge on landscape photography. Click here to get The Complete Landscape Photography Guide.

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