Non-Photographers Sometimes Struggle With Our Weird Ways


Good Photography Habits Which People Might Find Strange To Understand

We do have some questionable habits, I will admit that.

So we should explore these, unearth the “weirdness” and set things straight – there's perfect logic to what I consider to be good photography habits.

good photography habits
Image by Pok Rie

We are a much-maligned bunch we photographers. To use a well-used phrase, we suffer for our art.

We are sometimes ridiculed, sometimes abused, both verbally and even physically. We are looked down on by “real artists” and sneered at by the general population because we are labeled “paparazzi.”

Of course, you and I know that all this nonsense is far from the everyday reality so today we are going to try and digest exactly why people who are not photographers, don’t get it.

1. Photographers Are Early Risers

Let’s face it, if the alarm goes off at 4.30am, most people will roll over, switch it off and go back to sleep. As photographer’s however, we leap out of bed and run to the window to check the weather – even though it's still dark.

We throw some coffee down our necks (or at least something hot!) and are out of door before our slumberous partners can mutter, where are you going. We are either completely mad or enthusiastic photographers.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Having braved sub minus temperatures to get a magnificent seascape, we return home. On showing our stunning creation to our respective partners, they say “very nice dear, would you like a cup of tea”.

Hmmm…they just don’t get it.

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