The Beauty of the Barren: 24 Captivating Landscape Photos

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Deserts get a bad rap. People like sand, but most people only like the sand found on beaches. No one likes the desert. Deserts are hot and barren, so it’s understandable why they don’t usually make top ten vacation destinations. Deserts do, however, present a great deal of visual intrigue; they may be somewhat of an afterthought for some landscape photographers, but you would be hard pressed to find such uniqueness of textures, geometry, and natural formations as you will in a desert. Don’t believe me? I think the following photographs speak for themselves.

Photo by David Rosen
Photo by Hayden

Photo by nwhitford

Photo by John Fowler

Photo by Ishai Parasol

Photo by Moyan Brenn

Photo by Sankara Subramanian

Photo by Marina
Desert Song
Photo by Ian Norman
Desert Sunset
Photo by John Fowler
Black Rock Desert without Burning Man
Photo by Trevor Bexon
Photo by dingopup
Planetary Analogue
Photo by European Southern Observatory
Deadvlei Giant
Photo by Vernon Swanepoel
Desert Leader
Photo by Hamed Saber
Bruneau Sand Dune sunset
Photo by Charles Knowles
Photo by Rosino
Walking on Erg Chebbi, Morocco
Photo by Dimitry B.
Crescent Dunes
Photo by Miles Sabin
BLM Winter Bucket List #30: Cadiz Dunes, California, for Dramatic Photography of Pristine Wilderness
Photo by Bureau of Land Management
Before Sunrise, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Photo by Dimitry B.
Red Desert
Photo by Preston Rhea
Scorched Earth
Photo by William Warby
Photo by b i b o y w o r x x x

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