The Magnificent 7 – The Greatest Cameras Ever Built!


The Greatest Cameras Of All-Time, You Say?

The 7 Greatest Cameras? You heard it here first.

Cameras have come a long way in terms of technology, style/aesthetics, shape, size, weight, and functionality, but in essence, they all achieve the same result, produce photographs.

We could debate “the greatest” camera until the sun goes does, but let's give this list a whirl and you can leave your feedback afterward. Sound good? Let's roll on….

best cameras ever built
Image by Flo Maderebner

Let's Look Today At Some Impressive Moments In Photography's Timeline Of Cameras!

We tend to take our cameras for granted these days:

  • Modern,
  • Reliable,
  • High tech, and
  • Capable of taking some incredible images.

All modern cameras owe their abilities and ergonomics to their predecessors. There are just a few cameras in history that have molded the photographic world into what it is today.

These cameras I think may have revolutionized the way we use a camera, taken technology to the next level or changed the whole face of photography itself.

Today We Present The Magnificent Seven

1. Kodak Box Brownie

The Kodak Box Brownie is perhaps Genesis for photography. Until it arrived in 1900, photography was very much a pursuit of the wealthy and was highly technical.

The original Brownie was little more than a cardboard box with a simple lens. It’s key though was the use of Kodak’s 120 Roll Film. The combination of the two and it’s price of just $1 made it accessible to a much wider demographic than any camera before it.

The Brownie stayed in production in various forms until the mid-1930’s, creating the first generation of amateur photographers.

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Typo? Nikon didn’t make an F1 as far as I know. They made an “F” and an “F2”. Your description could be either but your photo shows an F. Canon made the “F1”

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