Autumn Through a Macro Lens: 19 Inspirational Images

Stanley Horowitz isn’t a household name. Though a poet, history won’t likely remember Horowitz for a body of work that stands among monolithic figures like Robert Frost or Sylvia Plath. Horowitz has, however, gained his fair share of acclaim via the Internet, where his words (originally penned in 1983 for Reader’s Digest) about the fall season keep company with the timeless musings of some of the world’s literary laureates.

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”

It is apparently the succinctness and vividness with which Horowitz describes autumn that has so resonated with people searching for seasonally appropriate quotes. Accordingly, the macro images that follow all embody, to one degree or another, the brilliant patchwork of seasons that is autumn.

Fall Rain
Photo by Jakob Nilsson-Ehle

Week #48 Macro Close Up [48of52]
Photo by Anthony

Fallen fire
Photo by James Jordan

Sycamore Leaf
Photo by Scott Robinson

Photo by zenjazzygeek

green on yellow and red
Photo by Thomas Dahms

Lone Maple Leaf
Photo by Rachel Sarai

Autumn Squares
Photo by Holly Victoria Norval

Autumn topographies no. 9
Photo by Rising Damp

Winter is Coming
Photo by Jason Devaun

Orange paper autumn leaf
Photo by m01229

Autumn @ Boffins Garden - September 23 2014
Photo by Kyla Duhamel

Photo by Orest Shvadchak

Autumn, at last!
Photo by stephanie carter

Momiji Dream
Photo by Deacon MacMillan

Fallen Leaf
Photo by John Morgan

Squirrel Heaven
Photo by Dawn Ellner

Photo by Dávid Sterbik

Fade to Red
Photo by Jason Devaun


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