These 6 Tips Will Get You Shooting Stunning Scenes This Autumn


Beautiful Autumn Pictures – Your Guide To Getting Them, First Time Around

For us who inhabit the temperate climes of the Northern Hemisphere, it is a time of golds, yellows, mist and moods. Autumn adds up to a veritable picture fest for us photographers – getting those beautiful autumn pictures is an opportunity each year not to be missed!

With so much color yet fickle weather it can be both a great time to shoot and a difficult time to shoot. There is also the question of what to shoot with so much going on around you.

beautiful autumn pictures
Image by Valentin Sabau

Today we are going to give you our top tips for taking beautiful autumn pictures.

1. Never Mind The Weather

Fairweather Photographers: Whilst we often seek the sun, autumn is a time when the misty and overcast days can really enhance your images. In fact its also a time when you don’t have to get up before the break of dawn to shoot.

Gray, misty overcast days make a fantastic juxtaposition to the saturated bright oranges, reds and yellows of an autumn day.

Top Tip!

Keep an eye on your histogram when shooting, it is very easy to oversaturate the reds making them look appear blown. Use the RGB section of your histogram and if you see the reds slipping off the right side, back down the exposure a little.

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