21 Creative Uses Of Bokeh


Bokeh is a term in photography that you must have heard many times. To put it simply, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in out-of-focus parts of an image.

Photographers, especially portraitists, often look for lenses that produce amazing bokeh to add visual appeal to their photos. Bokeh is often as important as the image's main subject because it contributes to the overall visual appeal of a certain scene.

Check out the following 21 images that use bokeh in a creative way.

dark bokeh
Photo by Brian Suh
sunset closeup
Photo by Yeshi Kangrang
colorful bokeh
Photo by Martin Olsen
fresh dewy grass
Photo by Aaron Burden
wet street at night
Photo by Todd Diemer
yellow bulb
Photo by Alex Iby
autumn leaf bokeh
Photo by Steven Ramon
portrait with bokeh
Photo by Terricks Noah
sparkler with bokeh
Photo by Aron Visuals
golden dust with bokeh
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon
crystal blue ball
Photo by Simon Zhu
mushroom bokeh
Photo by Karl Anderson
grass bokeh
Photo by Miller Jacob
creative bulb bokeh
Photo by Javardh

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taxi at night
Photo by JJ Ying
glasses bokeh
Photo by Vishal Banik
room low light
Photo by Ranit Chakraborty
colorful tealights
Photo by Antony
sunset portrait with bokeh
Photo by Marlene van den Hengel
yellow cat bokeh
Photo by Tania Alieksanenko
purple flowers bokeh
Photo by Alice NG

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