These Are 4 Lightroom Features You Should Use Everyday

For some photographers, Lightroom represents the perfect specimen of an editing application. Not only does it allow you to organize your files, Lightroom possesses virtually everything you need to do serious photo editing. Unless you need to work with layers — but even then, Lightroom integrates seamlessly with Photoshop. While Lightroom is nowhere near as […]

How To Boost Your Golden Hour Images In Lightroom

We at Light Stalking, like many other photographers, love the Golden Hour. And what’s not to like? Beautiful yellow/orange light, long soft shadows, and silhouettes, it’s a beautiful time of day and simply the most magical light if captured correctly. Sometimes though, are you a little underwhelmed when you see the final image on your […]

How to Easily Improve Your Skies in Adobe Lightroom

It’s a fact that even the most beautifully composed image will fall apart if it includes a dull, lifeless sky. A great sky, on the other hand, can boost the impact of an image immensely. The problem is that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and she is not always forthcoming about giving us the sky we need. Today we are going to look at some ways to improve your skies using Lightroom.