How I Edited This Shot In Adobe Lightroom

I believe it’s always useful to see how various shots are edited in Adobe Lightroom – this can help you become a much more skillful photographer. Lightroom is an extraordinarily powerful program. As well as being possibly the best image management app on the market, over recent years it has become a superb RAW editor […]

A Guide To New Masking Tools In Lightroom Classic

When Adobe’s subscription plan was announced, a few short years ago, there was a lot of consternation. Adobe, however, tempered the blow with the promise of more frequent updates to its software.  Under the paid license model Photoshop and Lightroom might receive major updates once a year, and you would have to pay for those […]

Why Lightroom’s Enhance Super Resolution Rocks

There’s a relatively new little feature in Lightroom that produces big results. Lightroom’s Enhance Super Resolution feature is more than great. It totally rocks. This feature is not brand new, as it’s already in the Adobe family. A couple of weeks ago Jason Row wrote How to Use Super Resolution in Photoshop. A fantastic, detailed […]