7 Tutorials On How To Clean Your Photography Gear


Photography gear and accessories are quite expensive and delicate equipment that requires periodic checkups and maintenance to keep them in good condition. This equipment needs to be patiently taken care of and carefully handled so you know they are working properly any time you want to use them for photography. Being lazy can be expensive, so here are 7 tutorials on how to clean your photography gear and keep it in great condition.

1. How To Care For Your Camera And Other Gear

Cleaning your camera and lenses is very important but it is also equally important to protect your gear from the natural elements and maintain them so they do not get damaged and stay in good working condition. Every part of the camera and lens including the accessories like batteries, memory cards need to be taken care of and protected. This tutorial from Cole's Classroom talks about how to care for your camera and also show some love to your other photography gear and accessories.

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2. Step-By-Step Guide On How To Clean Your Photography Gear

Photographers, especially those who spend most of their time photographing outdoors expose their gear often to environments that are not camera friendly. Even though you take the right precautions to protect your equipment from the odds of nature, there are unavoidable circumstances that can get your gear dirty. So appropriate care and maintenance is a must and this tutorial from Digital Photography School gives step-by-step instructions on how to clean your photography gear so that it stays in good shape.

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3. How To Clean Your Lenses And Filters

The lens is one of the most important photography gears and it is important to take utmost care of your glass because dirty optics can affect image quality and in the long run cause damage to the optical elements as well. There are some very important measures and procedures that one needs to follow when taking care of lenses. This tutorial from B&H Photo Video talks about the best and safest way to get your lenses clean so you can spend more time capturing photographs and less time cleaning the gear.

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4. How To Clean A Camera Lens In 4 Easy Steps

When photographing in the great outdoors, dust is inevitable and there is every chance that they will settle on lenses and parts of the camera. Besides dust, sticky smudges from our fingers and other dirt will settle on the lens eventually (even if you always shoot in a studio environment) and they need to be cleaned. This tutorial from Borrow Lenses gives tips on how to clean a camera lens in 4 easy steps.

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5. How To Clean A Camera Lens: The Do’s And Don’ts

It is important to clean our lenses so that the resulting images are of great quality and the lenses can also be in great working condition, but cleaning the lenses too much or too often can increase the risk of ruining the delicate coatings on the surface of the lens and scratching the lens itself. There are a few do's and don'ts that you need to take into account and this tutorial from Studio Binder summarises how to clean camera lenses including what should and should not be done.

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6. 14 Tips To Protect Your Camera From Dust And Sand

Most photographers are quite hesitant about taking their camera to the beach because of the dust, sand, and saltwater. It is very important to protect your gear from these elements and it is quite dangerous when the conditions are windy. This tutorial from Shutter Talk talks about the risks of what dust and sand can do to your camera, the steps that need to be taken to reduce the risk, and lastly what to do if your camera comes in contact with dust, sand, and moisture.

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7. 5 Tips To Protect Your Camera Gear In Cold Weather

Although you clean your camera and lenses and keep them in good shape and working conditions, sometimes the weather can take a toll on your camera health and it is important to take necessary precautions and use proper accessories to protect your gear. This tutorial from Shutter Muse talks about fighting condensation, warming your batteries, protecting the gear from rain, using desiccants, and keeping the memory cards warm and dry.

clean your photography gear
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My understanding is that if you get fingerprints on your lenses you should clean them as soon as possible. The oils in your body are acidic and can damage the coatings on your lenses if you let them sit. Also many people suggest that using a mixture of water and dawn dishwashing soap (original style) to be the best lens cleaner. If there is dirt or dust on the lens, because of the nature of the cleaning agents, it will float dirt and dust away from the lens creating a lubricating surface between the lens and the dirt/dust. It is also mild and does not interact with lens coatings. That is what I heard anyway. I have seen lens cleaners that use just this instead of the more harsh alcohol cleaner.

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